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Compare e-Learning Online & DVD Courses

E-Learning Online and DVD Courses are the modern training methods of choice when it comes to ISO standards training. Both methods are superior to traditional classroom instruction because they offer these benefits:

Study where you are – no travel necessary!

Study anytime you want

Learn at your own pace – start, stop and repeat lessons as you wish!

Inexpensive – low course fees, no travel expenses

Consistent high quality

The following table compares e-Learning Online and DVD Courses to help you choose the course format that fits your situation best. If you are still unsure, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose.

    e-Learning Online DVD Courses
Course Type Stand-alone, interactive courses Video presentation
Individual or Group Study Designed for self-study by individuals (discounts for 2 and more students) Ideal for classroom training of groups; can also be watched by individuals without limitations
Instructor No instructor needed (courses are self-explanatory and interactive) Instructor optional: Can either be shown by presenter and followed up with question/answer session, or simply watched individually or in groups
Books Downloadable study materials (PDF format) included with select courses Learning Guide included with select DVD Courses
Exams Includes interactive quizzes and exams to ensure understanding before proceeding to next lesson Learning Guides include tests to verify understanding
Study Pace Learn on your own schedule: courses can be stopped and started without limitations; lessons can be repeated before course completion Study pace depends on students and optional instructor: watch entire DVD or watch individual lessons
Course Certificate Official course certificate issued after successful completion of course Certificate of completion included
Location Study anywhere – only need computer with internet access Study anywhere – only need DVD player & TV or computer
Pricing Per student (discounts for groups available) Per DVD (unlimited viewers); extra Learning Guides available
Corporate Solutions Students enroll by themselves using provided license codes. Progress reporting feature (for example, for company representatives to monitor study progress of employees) and optional integration with your company's LMS None included
Support Customer support by phone and email Customer support by phone and email
Availability Start studying tomorrow – e-Learning Online is available within 24 hours of registration Start studying in a few days – DVD Courses are shipped within 1 business day