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About Standards Courses

StandardsCourses.com specializes in ISO and safety training which we provide through effective, enjoyable and time-saving Online Training and DVD Courses.

For over a decade, our business has been teaching ISO and safety standards. We understand that knowledge and skills are the foundation of success, and we have been helping thousands of organizations worldwide succeeding with their ISO 9001 implementation, safety awareness and accident reduction, and other ISO standards. We have vast experience in teaching individuals and groups, ranging from staff members to managers to executives, and we know how to teach each exactly what they need to know.

Modern Course Styles

We at StandardsCourses.com are well aware that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training. Our entire course offering is designed around our customers' different needs. That's why our ISO not only differ in content but also in teaching method, technology and more.

Different Course Styles

We realize that course styles affect learning. That's why we designed our ISO course selection by analyzing these different needs:

Information Needs – what do different individuals really need to learn about ISO?

Time – how much time can different individuals afford to spend learning about ISO?

Learning Style – what is the most effective learning style for different individuals?

Ideal Course Styles

As a result of our analysis, we decided to offer two different modern course styles:  Online Training and DVD Courses. Each course style has its own special advantages. We matched each course content with the ideal course style to ensure the most effective learning.


View and compare the special features in our Course Comparison of Online Training and DVD Courses.

Why not traditional training?

Based on our research, we decided against traditional public classes because they are too time-consuming, expensive (especially when considering travel expenses), and their quality tends to be inconsistent. We also decided against guide books because they tend to be simply not read.

Ideal ISO and Safety Course for YOU

Our ISO Standards and Safety Courses are specifically designed for different needs. We have the ideal course for each of the different individuals involved in your company's ISO management standard implementation:

ISO Management Representative (or anybody responsible for ISO implementation)

Safety Manager

Internal Auditors

Executive Management

Middle Management


Which course is ideal for you?

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Most Popular – for a Reason

Actually, there are many reasons why our courses are the most popular training courses worldwide (our online course platform has over 3 million users worldwide, and our DVD video training courses are international bestsellers).

Highest-Quality Training

Developed by respected subject-matter experts

Content of select courses created or reviewed by members of ISO's Technical Committee 176

Presented by highly qualified instructors

Effective curriculum that values your time

Modern teaching methods

Course certificate included with every course

Meets YOUR Training Needs

Different ISO training courses for different needs

Wide range of ISO standards training

Convenient – learn in your office or home

Applicable to business and government organizations in both the manufacturing and services sectors

Applicable worldwide

Latest Technology

Use of latest technology in all online and DVD training courses

Online training optimized for all internet speeds

Progress reporting feature

All online training allows for optional integration with your company's Learning Management System (LMS)


Corporate discounts for online training

Unlimited viewers per DVD Course

Free shipping

Best Price Guarantee

Trusted Training Provider

Specialized in ISO training for over 10 years

24/7 customer service

Safe Shopping

Money-Back Guarantee

Certified secure online payments

See our Course Comparison to learn about the different benefits of Online Training and DVD Courses