An ISO training course is a valuable tool that can help organizations improve efficiencies, increase learner morale, and add a powerful boost to the learner's resumé.

Our Story Raising Standards Worldwide

StandardsCourses was founded in 2010 when Canadian auditors Chris Jenkins and Martina Petrovski hatched a plan to develop innovative ISO 9001 training solutions. The startup was a great success.

Since then, StandardsCourses has expanded its product range to include not only popular ISO standards, but also a number of sector-specific standards for which quality training can be hard to find.

In 2022 StandardsCourses re-defined the industry by designing a stunning new range of ISO 9001 courses. Featuring modern intuitive UI, a strong focus on best practices, and Exemplar Global accreditations, these new courses are some of the finest of their kind on the market.

Standards Courses: Our Story

Our Philosophy Empower Learners Everywhere

Whoever you are – and wherever you are – you too can Raise Your Standards. That's been our motto for over a decade and it's one that's inspired thousands of people around the world to fulfill their potential.

We believe our ISO courses are valuable tools that can help organizations improve efficiencies, boost learner morale, and add a great deal of credibility to the learner's resumé.

We embrace technological innovation and believe that professionally-designed online courses can provide a better and more rewarding experience than traditional classroom-based learning.

Standards Courses: Our Philosophy

What Learners Say

This is a good training program. It tells me how to be more efficient with our company's ISO 9001 program. I will recommend the training with five stars.

Demetrius Georgiou, Greece

Reviewer Rating 5 Stars

I was very confused by ISO 9001, but this course cleared up several things. It gave me a good understanding of what ISO 9001 is and what it's supposed to do.

Steve Hudson, Australia

Reviewer Rating 4.5 Stars

It was very good training. I can now spend more time with the consultant to understand him. At meetings I can discuss ISO 9001 with more confidence.

Sunee Srisuwan, Thailand

Reviewer Rating 5 Stars

Very impressed and much better than I was expecting. I would recommend it to other managers and/or execs whose company is considering ISO 9001.

Yves Larue, Canada

Reviewer Rating 5 Stars

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If you share our goals, are passionate about ISO standards, and would like to join our team of forward-thinking professionals, please get in touch. We're always on the lookout for fresh talent, especially individuals with a background in auditing, ISO 9001 / 14001, or Integrated Management Systems.

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Our Courses

From expert tution in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems to profesisonal training for laboratories and medical devices, we've got the courses you need.

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