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Become a Certified Implementer and learn how to implement an efficient ISO 9001 Quality Management System and achieve certification. Exemplar Global accredited.


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Duration: 25 hours

Become a Certified ISO 9001 Implementer. Our ISO 9001:2015 Implementer Certification Training gives you both the official certification and the skill set to set up an ISO 9001 system and get certified. With its down-to-earth explanations and frank overview of the implementation process, the course is designed to ensure a seamless journey to ISO certification.

Featuring a clean, modern interface, the course lasts about 25 hours and includes a wealth of real-life examples and practical tips. The course is as ideal for complete beginners as it is for implementers with prior experience.

The course includes the implementer examination and certification. Upon successful completion, graduates become Certified ISO 9001 Implementers; they'll also have the option to seek registration with Exemplar Global.

Implementation training and examination are online and on-demand. Both can be taken anytime and on any device. And in case of corporate purchases, an assigned manager can conveniently follow up on learning progress using our online dashboard.


On completion of the course you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of the ISO 9001 standard, its requirements and their interpretation.
  • Have the competencies to apply the requirements to your organization.
  • Be familiar with best practices and know how to use them to create an efficient and sustainable Quality Management System.
  • Know what sort of documentation your company will need.
  • Be able to implement ISO 9001 in five easy-to-follow steps.
  • Be able to manage the ISO project and achieve certification.
  • Become a Certified ISO 9001 Implementer.

Course Content

The online course is interactive and combines lectures, videos, and practical examples.

ISO 9001: The Basics

The first part teaches 9001 fundamentals such as how organizations use the standard, and what the standard means for you and your organization. The lessons conclude with a look at some of the factors that contribute to ISO 9001 success.

The Foundation and Structure of ISO 9001

This part introduces the seven quality management principles:

  • Customer Focus
    The organization must demonstrate its commitment to quality by cultivating a strong customer focus, and by striving to meet and exceed customer needs.
  • Leadership
    Endorse strong leadership that communicates the organization's vision and objectives.
  • Engagement of People
    Engage and empower people at all levels of the organization. The organization should foster a culture of frank, open communication in which employees feel valued and are encouraged to thrive.
  • Process Approach
    An ISO 9001 system consists of several different processes working together. Larger organizations might have dozens or even hundreds of different processes. Organizations need to make sure that designated people understand these processes and their expected outcomes.
  • Improvement
    Continual improvement is a key tenet of ISO 9001 and a core objective of an organization's Quality Management System.
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
    Making decisions is not always easy, but decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of reliable data are more likely to produce desired outcomes.
  • Relationship Management
    Develop mutually beneficial relationships with interested parties, including suppliers, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Next, the course discusses Annex SL, which is the new high-level structure for ISO management system standards. What this means, in a nutshell, is that a management system standard such as ISO 9001 can now be implemented fairly easily alongside other management system standards such as ISO 14001.

The Process Approach and PDCA Cycle

This part introduces the Process Approach and the Plan Do Act Cycle (PDCA). Topics include:

  • The Process Approach
  • The Elements of a Process
  • Real-Life Examples of the Process Approach
  • The PDCA Cycle
  • How the PDCA Cycle Benefits Organizations

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements

This part sheds light on all ISO 9001 requirements and their interpretation. The lessons look in detail at each and every requirement of ISO 9001 and explain them from the implementer's point of view. Numerous examples and practical tips show the learner how to apply the requirements to the specific circumstances of their individual company.

Implementation Overview

This part introduces a popular five-step implementation methodology that's been proven to work and is accessible even to complete beginners. These five steps are expanded upon in the next module. The part ends with useful tips for getting the most out of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 Implementation Steps

Next, the course takes a closer look at the five-step implementation methodology.

  • Step 1: Preparation
    Careful preparation is essential. It impacts heavily on how the implementation project will unfold and the efficacy of the Quality Management System.
  • Step 2: Documentation
    This can be a tricky step since it's not always easy to write documentation that accords with the ISO standard's strict technical requirements. On top of this is the fact that documentation can't be generic: it needs to be customized to the specific needs of your company.
  • Step 3: Implementation
    This is another tricky step. Introducing your newly documented procedures to employees responsible for managing and operating them can spawn some initial confusion. To some extent, almost all employees will need to change the way they work.
  • Step 4: Internal Audit
    Internal audits are an important component of ISO 9001. They're conducted in order to verify that your company's newly-implemented Quality Management System complies with ISO requirements.
  • Step 5: Certification
    When your internal auditors are satisfied that your system meets ISO 9001 requirements, it's time to arrange a certification audit conducted by an independent, third-party auditor. Once you've ironed out any underlying issues (which are known as nonconformities or nonconformances), your company will be awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.

ISO 9001:2015 Documentation

The final part discusses documents and records.

A point to note here is that documents are used for storing and sharing information, while records are essentially hard copies of results (such as from an audit) or evidence of activities that have been performed. And while documents get revised from to time and are generally kept up-to-date, records are static and never revised.


The implementation training concludes with the official implementer examination. It's a multiple-choice assessment with a passing score of 70% and includes free re-takes. It consists of 91 questions and takes about 1 - 2 hours to complete.

Who Should Take ISO 9001:2015 Implementer Certification Training?

This course is ideal for:

  • Staff responsible for managing the company's implementation project, setting up an efficient QMS that meets ISO 9001 requirements, and achieving certification.
  • Staff seeking to improve an existing QMS and develop efficient and sustainable operational processes.
  • Consultants who want to learn how to implement ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and gain the associated professional certification.
  • Individuals who seek to expand their career opportunities as a Certified ISO 9001 Implementer.

Exemplar Global Accreditation

StandardsCourses is an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner. What this means is that this training program meets the highest quality standards and the examination we administer for it has been audited to ensure it complies with contemporary assessment practices and meets the stringent international requirements set by Exemplar Global.

It also means that graduates of this professional training package receive an impressive Certificate of Attainment with the Exemplar Global accreditation mark. The certificate serves as evidence of ISO 9001 QMS training and – more importantly – provides documented proof of your newly acquired competencies.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 Implementer Certification Training

To receive the certificate you need to pass the examination. It's a multiple-choice assessment with a passing score of 70% and includes free re-takes.

What's Included

Login credentials for course dashboard, Study Guide, and course certificate.

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The course takes about 25 hours to complete (on-demand).

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Access to this course is available immediately after payment for 3 months.

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Works on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android compatible.

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