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Internal Auditing Basics - An Introduction to Auditing for Employees

Internal Auditing Basics

The “Internal Auditing Basics - An Introduction to Auditing for Employees” DVD video training program introduces staff to the concept of internal audits.

The purpose of this course is to provide a job overview to auditor candidates.

The multimedia DVD training course, together with the accompanying workbook, will engage the viewers and teach the skills needed to successfully perform an internal audit. This brief video training program should be watched by those considering serving as internal auditors to:

Gain an overall understanding of internal audits

Learn what's involved in conducting an internal ISO 9001 audit

This course is applicable to any internal audit, including ISO 9001:2015 internal audits.


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Format: DVD (region-free; works worldwide)

Duration: 30 minutes

Included Items: 1 DVD; 1 Learning Guide; Course Certificate

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Course Content

This DVD video presentation prepares employees to serve as internal ISO 9001 auditors in a straight forward, no-nonsense manner. After introducing the basic concepts of an audit and its benefit to the company, the course introduces the viewer to the three key parts of any internal audit: the preparation of the audit, the conduct of the audit, and the reporting of audit results.

This DVD course is applicable to ISO 9001:2015 and other internal audits.

Authors & Instructors

For information and professional background of the authors, presenters and instructors of this ISO 9001 training course, please see About Us.

Course Certificate

This training course includes a Course Certificate that can be downloaded, printed out and filled in for each student who completes this course.

Course Duration

30 minutes

Lesson Plan

This audit training video includes the following lessons:

What is an Audit?

Why Management System Audits are needed

Planning the Audit

Performing an Audit

Documenting the Audit (Audit Report)


Learning Guide

The included Learning Guide follows the text of the video, extracts key points, gives viewers space for taking notes, and has a quiz to test viewer's retention of the training material. Each DVD Course includes one Learning Guide booklet. We recommend that you order additional booklets for all employees. Available in the “Accessories” section at corporate discount prices.

Who should take this course

The “Internal Auditing Basics - An Introduction to Auditing for Employees” video training program is ideal for:

Internal ISO 9001 Auditor Candidates - in order to gain enough information to decide if the assignment as internal auditor is right for them.

Safety and QC Inspectors - this course is also useful to a wide range of inspectors, auditors and all those who need auditing skills.

Editor's Tip:

Because this course focuses on auditing skills and not on the requirements of ISO 9001, it is recommended that this course is taken after taking the “ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training” or “QMS ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training” e-Learning Online course.

DVD Course

The “Internal Auditing Basics” training program is provided in DVD Course format. DVD Courses are the modern form of classroom instruction without the need for a physical instructor. Due to its multimedia content, DVD training programs provide not only effective learning but also an enjoyable experience.

Instead of traveling to a class and listening to an instructor, you simply watch the “Internal Auditing Basics” DVD at your own convenience. All you need is a TV and DVD player, or a computer with DVD player and speakers.

How to take this course

The “Internal Auditing Basics” DVD course can be taken by individuals and groups:

Classroom  Present this ISO 9001 course to a group and optionally pause the DVD at defined intervals for discussions, and ask the viewers to take the short tests in the accompanying Learning Guide. Note that the presenter does not need to have any ISO 9001 or audit knowledge.

Self-Study  This video training program can be independently watched by individuals at their convenience. After watching the DVD course, the quizzes in the accompanying Learning Guide should be completed.

Each viewer should get their own Learning Guide, which includes the quizzes and serves as reference guide. Upon completion of the “Internal Auditing Basics” course, a course certificate can be downloaded and printed out for each student.


Learning ISO audit skills through this DVD Course is convenient, fast, inexpensive and fun.

Features include:

Well-designed curriculum and modern teaching methods

High-quality video presentation

Well-respected instructors

Entertaining multimedia format that keeps the viewer interested in the subject

Stand-alone (replaces a physical instructor)

Learning Guide with quizzes included

Course certificates included

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Start Learning in a few Days

The “Internal Auditing Basics” DVD will be shipped within 1 business day of your purchase, and you can choose from various standard and expedited shipping options. We ship worldwide.

Ideal for Businesses

Our DVD Courses are an extremely cost effective method of teaching individuals and small to large groups of employees. A single DVD can be used to provide audit training to any number of employees at the same site at your company; corporate discounts are available for the Learning Guide booklets.

Internal Auditing Basics Learning Guide

The “Internal Auditing Basics” Learning Guide is an important tool to gain the most from the “Internal Auditing Basics - An Introduction to Auditing for Employees” training.

The Learning Guide follows the text of the video training, extracts key points, gives viewers space for taking notes, and includes a quiz to test viewer's retention of the training material. Viewers retain their Learning Guide as a reminder of what they learned in the DVD Course and to refresh knowledge later on. Completed quizzes, included with the Learning Guide, are used as a convenient way to retain training records (as required by ISO 9001).

Since each viewer of this DVD Course needs their own personal Learning Guide booklet, we highly recommend that you purchase enough Learning Guide booklets for everybody who will undergo this DVD training program.

Price per learning guide:

$10.00 - if you buy 1-9 booklets

$9.00 - if you buy 10-49 booklets

$8.00 - if you buy 50-99 booklets

$7.00 - if you buy 100-250 booklets

$6.00 - if you buy over 250 booklets

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