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Earn 15% Commission

We welcome affiliates who would like to advertise our ISO standards training courses either on their website or through other means.

Affiliates don't need to have a shopping cart or merchant account.

Affiliates don't need to have their own products.

Affiliates don't need to have a website.

Joining our Affiliate Program is completely free of charge.

Affiliates start earning commissions as soon as they are approved and promote our products.

Track your commissions online in your affiliate account.

How does it work?

You advertise our ISO courses on your website and link to this website through a special link that we'll provide to you. Alternatively, you can also give out a special discount code that can be traced back to you. Any customer who arrives on our website through your link or who uses your special discount code during the purchase is being tracked as your customer. If one of your customers purchases any of our ISO courses, we will track the purchase and give you credit for the purchase in form of a 15% commission.


If you promote our products on a website, that website must be related to ISO standards and target professionals and businesses. This website must not have content that we deem as incompatible with our products, including pornographic and indecent content or items; weapons; tobacco products; drugs.

If you promote our products through means other than a website, you need to give your customers a special coupon code that we can track.

Any description of our products must be adequate and truthful. You may copy a partial product description from our website, and you may use our product images.

Your website needs to have its own unique content and identity. You are not allowed to copy our website or our website content other than a partial product description.

You must not use any form of spam, mass email or unsolicited email to promote our products.

Your website must pass our initial review to be approved, as well as our ongoing quality reviews for you to remain approved as our Affiliate.

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